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Whether you're receiving or sending funds, Western Union provides a fast and easy payment solution for your company or institution. Our innovative services are ideal for sending or receiving payments virtually anywhere, any time. For you, this means a level of flexibility and reach you may never have thought possible. For the people you transact with, Western Union offers simplicity and reliability.

We deliver an array of financial tools that assist corporations and institutions in managing their bottom line. For example, with the Western Union® Quick PaySM service you'll be able to receive urgent payments electronically. With the Western Union® Quick Cash® service you will be able to send payments to recipients through our worldwide network of more than 200,000 participating Western Union Agent locations.

Western Union Payment Solutions are often faster, easier and more secure than conventional payment methods. We think you'll agree that they present a remarkably powerful way to streamline and enhance your business process. For further information, contact your nearest Western Union Agent location or contact us. Frequently Asked Questions Contact Us Agent Locator About Western Union® Privacy Policy
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